php – which mvc framework is the best !

When we talk about  framework , only one thing come in minds , MVC MODEL ( MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER ) . I am just going to define what is mean by MVC ?

M — model . It is very important part of our programmer , It takes the input from controller and  done all database queries’s work have bee done in this section . It means that , all logical part have completed in this section.

just simple –  if some one are  trying to fetch employees record from database , first we send particular id of employees from controller to model and then model take  the id and fetch records from database , after getting record , then it sends to controller  .

models are well responsible for getting record from database. And all logical part are to be done .

V – View – View is nothing , it is just visualization part , what are thing that I see , that is called view.

just I am going to explains , how it works –  view send request to controller , and then controller take this input and it instructs  the models to give response , according to user input , after this , controller send response to the view. And whatever come in screen , that is called view.

C – controller – it is backbone for any framework , because it controls the whole process . It take the input and then return to model and get response from models , after this, controller sends to the view .

This is above , all about , how mvc works.

we jump into important point . Which frame work is the best for you ?

It depends on  client’s requirements , what kind of projects . Suppose , project are small and do not have large application that times , we prefer codeigniter. Because , codeigniter do not have large size library , helper or anything else.  This mvc  is very easy and zero configuration . It means that , it is very easy to setup . Codeigniter’s documentation are the best in the compare from others mvc.

when you have large application and project go for long time duration then use cakephp   library of this mvc  is in big size  and it is more secure than codeigniter.

Laravel mvc – it is the best framework . Now a days , every client wants and every developer want to work on this mvc .this is more secure than the other mvc . It makes to save time for developer . Because , it having rich of linux commands , that helps developer to create model  or controller just typing from  commands line . I recommended , to use laravel mvc , if you can .

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