php latest interview questions asked by mnc company

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This is following php questions , which is asked by mnc company-


  1. Difference between interface class and abstract class.
  2. How to call non static methods from static methods.
  3. What is final class.please explain
  4. Can private and protected inherited ?
  5. What is contstruct and des construct
  6. What is late static binding.
  7. What is difference between array_merge and array_combine.
  8. What difference between array_walk and array_merge.
  9. What is in_array.
  10. What is strpos function.
  11. What is  difference between explode and str_split.
  12. How many parameters can pass in explode function.
  13. What is dependency between sessions and cookies .
  14. What is step for secure php code.
  15. What is cross site script . Please explain.
  16. If disable cookies , sessions will be work.
  17. What is difference between delete and truncated .
  18. How rollback data .
  19. What is right order of limit, order and group by in same query.
  20. How many joins in mysql database.
  21. Explain self join.
  22. Difference between innodb and myisam engine.
  23. What row level locking .
  24. What is table locking.
  25. What is full text search in mysql.
  26. What is mysql injection.

27. How to optimize databases.

28.  what is index and how this help ?

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Php logical programmes questions —

29. Write a programme for factorial .

30. Write a programme for find summation of diagonal nxn matrix.

31. Write a programme for following output –



32. Write a programme to interchange the value of a and b

a = 20

b = 10

33. Write a programme for sort array without any php inbuilt function.

$ arrVl  = array ( 3,4,1,10,5,2)

34. Write a programme to find only duplicate values  from array.

$ arrvl = array ( 2,4,2,8)


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